The Ugly Duckling Part 2

 Zero food waste campaign for Kietaviskiu vegetable producer 

Client - Kietaviskiu  
Agency - Children  
Production - Opiopio Creative
Creative director - Mantas Maciulskis 
Art direction - Tibor Galamb, Jolita Lenktaityte 
Account manager - Deimante Statinyte
Set designer - Marija Galamb
Director & DOP - Tibor Galamb
The company “Kietaviškių gausa” is the biggest greenhouse complex in the Baltic States, growing Lithuanian vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.

The brand started to promote and sell the not so pretty looking and not standard size vegetables recently in big supermarkets and this campaign aimed to promote those vegetables. They are as tasty and healthy as their pretty pairs.

The entire set is hand crafted, physically built in front of the camera. 

All vegetables were eaten after the photoshoot!
Stop motion TV Commercial 
Key visuals
Behind the scenes video of the entire process
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